Proud to be employee owned

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Our robust and dynamic business model has enabled GHD to grow into one of the world’s leading engineering, architecture, environmental consulting and construction services companies. We are one of the top six 100 percent employee-owned companies in our industry and are proud to be unique in this way.

With one in every four of our people being a shareholder, GHD does not have any external ownership – the sustained growth, direction and success of our company is determined by the people who work at GHD. This allows us to plan for the long term, setting strategies that enable growth and develop some of the best technical capabilities in the world.

GHD has nearly 90 years of history and capability, with 8500 people operating across 200 offices globally. Our client-service led culture has been developed through both organic growth and mergers. Our culture is supported by our values of Safety, Teamwork, Respect and Integrity, empowering our people to represent the company at a local level. It is our shareholders that take these values to a deeper level – committed to client service excellence and connected by the special bond of proprietorship.

Our people are our investors and believe passionately that private ownership positively impacts how we perform as an entity; our interactions with clients, the systems we use and ultimately how we pursue growth and opportunities. Everything we do is calibrated with the level of passion and professional pride associated with being private.

What’s more, the inter-generational knowledge transfer and mentoring that our structure offers is invaluable. Quite often on projects we can have professionals with more than 20 years’ experience with the company working alongside graduates – this is a powerful combination, and one that emphasises the value of our offering to clients.

In addition our shareholders realise that they have a responsibility to hold and then pass on shares to the next generation. As our people help build our business, they also create legacies that develop a ‘life of their own’. This personal commitment to create value ensures that clients benefit from innovative and responsive service.

Our brand has been protected through multiple inter-generational changes in leadership over the course of our history. Our shareholders feel strongly that they are temporary custodians of the company, so our model of employee ownership is highly sustainable. We provide a distinctive alternative for talented people who are not satisfied with just working for a great company, but are also keen to be a part of creating an enduring legacy of ownership for themselves and younger colleagues.

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