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The GHD Beijing office was established in 2004, providing a range of consulting and design services in urban planning, architecture, landscape, building services, transportation, water and environment as well as mining-related services.

GHD Beijing now has over 150 staff, most of whom have been recruited locally. Our people provide support to domestic clients, while also working closely with other offices to undertake international projects.

We offer services for projects in the following areas:

  • Buildings
  • Urban development
  • Environment
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Mining

For more information, please contact:

Yong Huang
T: +86 10 5930 1659
E: Yong Huang

Location Address:
Room 1102
Tower 1
Bright China Changan Building
No. 7 Jianguomennei Avenue
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100005

Beijing Traffic Signal Control


GHD has been engaged by Beijing Police Transportation Management Bureau to design traffic signal control solutions for 1100 signal control junctions and a newly built road network in Beijing city (eight districts).

The services include:

  • Establishing a basic database of junction layout drawings, traffic signal equipments and pipelines, etc
  • Conducting safety assessments of the signal control junctions for decreasing traffic accidents
  • Investigating and analysing traffic data collected from signal control junctions
  • Designing a signal control system and traffic engineering for single control junctions and several related junctions within the road network by using simulation software, such as LINSIG, VISSIM
  • Assessing the effectiveness of traffic signal control systems of the newly built and rebuilt signal control junctions, to help increase traffic efficiency in junctions and across the road network.

Australia China Environment


The ACEDP is a five-year program, AUD25 million Australian Government (AusAID) initiative, with the objective of supporting and improving policy development in China, with a focus on environmental protection and natural resources management.

GHD, as the Managing Contractor, facilitates engagement between Australian and Chinese Government agencies, institutions and individuals engaged in national environmental policy development and implementation, through high level policy dialogue, capacity building and collaboration on discreet activities.

Tian Jin Cuijin Lake Project


The project site covers 93.4 hectares in a good location in Tianjin city. GHD was commissioned to undertake overall concept design, detailed planning and architectural design.

After investigation to the local markets and study on the location and landform, GHD architects adopted a western style community planning concept to create a sustainable European small town, in which a high-profile international villa and an ecological resort will be developed in a wet land location.

Changqingqiao high-rise residential complex project


GHD collaborated with Dutch architects KCAP to provide master planning services for the Gemdale Shenyang Chang Qing "Trinity" project in Shenyang, northern China. The project site covers 883,100 square meters, including 210,000 square meters of residential, commercial and community program.

GHD then provided architectural design services. The design concept incorporates cutting edge architectural design with integrated new environmental sustainable design technologies to deliver an environmentally sustainable development along the Hun River for the important industrial heartland city of Shenyang.

Flood Management Strategy and Implementation


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) engaged GHD to develop a National Flood Management Strategy to help manage the nation’s severe flooding problem. The proposed strategy lays the foundation for improved flood management and renewed water management concepts, and provides options to help formulate action plans. GHD reported on the review of structural and non-structural measures and provided assessments of their effectiveness, as well as delivered a framework for flood mitigation and floodplain management, and action plans to implement new approaches.

In 2008, ADB commissioned GHD to continue on the implementation stage. GHD will implement the National Flood Management Strategy at Hunan and Jiang Xi provinces. The review aims to identify key issues for future flood management and develop an action plan. GHD will help local authorities to implement the strategies and improve the capacities of relevant local governments.

Nanjing Tangshan New Town planning


Tangshan New town, covering 51.6 square kilometres, is recognised as a tourism centre offering hot springs. The Australia Urban System consortium was commissioned by Nanjing Jiangning District government to provide overall urban planning for an area of 18.14 square kilometres.

GHD, as the lead design firm in the consortium, played a key role in the urban planning. The GHD team also made full use of the attractions of the hot spring to create a fashionable tourism resort area in the east of Nanjing city.

Sino iron ore project


Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong incorporated CITIC Pacific Ltd. The Cape Preston Iron Ore Project is located 1200 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia. The USD3 billion ‘greenfield’ project will require the development of dedicated infrastructure, due to its remote location. The project comprises mining, ore concentrate plant, concentrate slurry piping, concentrate filter, pelletising plant, stockyard and material handling systems, power plant, desalination plant, power transmission and transforming facility, water supply network in plant area, infrastructure facilities, etc.

The Australian subsidiary of the Chinese EPC Contractor, MCC, is delivering the infrastructure associated with the new Cape Preston iron ore mine. GHD has been appointed to assist MCC's main design contractor, NETC (based in China), to review their designs for compliance with Australian and West Australian standards. GHD is also undertaking the structural design calculations and risk analysis for the above as well as tailings dam stability and safety analysis review.

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