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GHD's roots in the USA were established more than 80 years ago and today we make a positive impact in communities throughout the country.

We serve clients in the markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, transportation, and business consulting.  The Americas business has over 90 offices, supported by our global network of more than 8500 people. In the USA, we are proud to serve local, state, and federal government agencies as well as a broad spectrum of private clients.

We are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve throughout the Americas and globally through a broad range of contributions. From our project efforts to our volunteerism and support of local community organizations, we are always looking to find ways to contribute to the sustainable future of our stakeholders and the environment.  

Our network of engineers, architects, planners, scientists, project managers and designers collaborate to improve the built, economic and social environment of the communities we serve.  In everything we do, we look at projects from a total life-cycle perspective. Our services encompass all phases of a project or asset’s life including:

  • Feasibility studies and due diligence
  • Project planning and economic assessment
  • Energy and environmental assessment
  • Design and documentation
  • Project and program management
  • Construction management
  • Training, operations and maintenance
  • Facility/asset audits and management
  • Quality management and training

Click on the tabs above to learn more about our local community based efforts, sustainable practices, honors and regional projects.

Air & Noise
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Assett/Facilities Management
Assett & Facilities
Building Hydraylics
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Climate Change
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Commercial & Cost Services
Commercial & Cost Services
Communication Systems
Communication Systems
Contamination Assessment & Remediation
Contamination Assessment & Remediation
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Electrical Engineering - Building
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Electrical Engineering - Industrial
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Fire and Life Safety
Fire and Life Safety
Food Processing
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HSE & Audits
HSE & Audits
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Impact Assessments & Approvals
Impact Assessments & Approvals
Industrial Water & Waste
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Instrumentation & Control
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Integrated Water Management
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Intelligent Transport Systems
Intelligent Transport Systems
Interior Design
Interior Design
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Land Development
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Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Maritime and Coastal
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Materials Handling
Materials Handling
Materials Technology
Materials Technology
Minerals Processing
Minerals Processing
Mining Engineering
Mining Engineering
Natural Resources
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Oil & Gas
Hydrocarbons Processing
Pavement Engineering
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Plant Engineering
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Power Delivery
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Power Generation
Power Generation
Project Management
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Renewable Energy
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Resource Evaluation
Resource Evaluation
Risk Management
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Road Systems
Road Systems
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Spatial Sciences
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Stakeholder Engagement & Social Sustainability

Stakeholder Engagement & Social Sustainability
Strategy & Economics
Strategy & Economics
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Transport Planning

GHD is committed to making a difference in the communities we serve, by caring for our clients, people and communities. Under the umbrella of our GHD in the Community program, we contribute to a range of not-for-profit organizations, support the volunteer activities our people, provide pro-bono services and respond to natural disasters.

GHD's commitment to Adopt-a-Platoon endures

GHD in Syracuse, NY is again helping to support a US Army platoon by gathering and sending supplies to troops while they are on a tour of duty. The 2nd Platoon, B Company, 2-14 IN based in Fort Drum, NY will be deployed to Afghanistan was deployed in mid-January 2013 for a tour of nine months. The platoon includes many young soldiers, most of whom have not been deployed to Afghanistan previously. Many of the deployment locations are quite a change from typical living with regard to basic amenities and living arrangements. Our supplies will provide some level of comfort and let them know we care about their commitment to our security here at home as well as the betterment of other people. We are proud to offer this small measure of gratitude to honor their commitment.

Platoon in Afghanistan responds with gratitude

2nd platoon
The 2nd Platoon, B Company, 2-14 IN with GHD supllies

The Syracuse, NY office participates every year in Adopt-a-Platoon which helps to support a US Army platoon by gathering and sending supplies to troops while they are on a tour of duty. Below is a letter to GHD from the platoon we are supporting in Afghanistan.

"Hello GHD!

We can't thank you enough, especially the guys that haven't received any mail. They got first pick of the boxes and loved it and are still waiting for those pictures to get back de-classified. Just to keep you updated on how and what we are doing here: We're on a small COP (Combat Out-Post) in the tribal region of Eastern Afghanistan (Paktika province). We're so far east, the people here believe they are a part of Pakistan and all trade and money is handled in Pakistani currency. Our work schedule usually consists of a rotation with one week of patrols and one week of force protection. We stay pretty busy with most of our breaks coming from when we're on guard. It has been relatively quiet here which to me is a good thing; however, as I'm sure you know the young guys are always eager to get after it. We'll see how long that holds up.

We've been getting a lot of snow here (we are 7,000 ft up in the mountains). Most of it melts during the day though except for the peaks of the mountains which get well over 10,000 ft. above sea level.

As far as the packages go, the last unit left plenty of extra hygiene items behind, and now with your packages we are stocked up. They guys raided the food stuffs quickly though. Our chow hall here isn't the best so anything food is always a big hit! I think every night for the past 3 weeks we have had fried chicken and rice or grilled chicken and rice. At least it's a hot meal though. Thanks again, and once I get those pictures I'll send them your way. We're looking forward to those Girl Scout cookies! Thank you guys so much!"

GHD continues food bank volunteer tradition

The ongoing commitment to support local food banks continues at GHD. Recently, staff in the Santa Rosa and San Francisco, CA locations volunteered their time at local food banks. A team of sixteen GHD volunteers boxed groceries at the Redwood Empire Food Bank for distribution to families in the local community. The San Francisco team rolled up their sleeves and helped sort fruit and bag rice for distribution during recent volunteer work. GHD’s work at local food banks has become a regular and popular way for staff to contribute to the healthfulness of their local communities.

Santa Rosa, CA team during a recent volunteer night at the Redwood Empire Food Bank Santa Rosa, CA team during a recent volunteer night at the Redwood Empire Food Bank

Food bank
San San Francisco, CA staff pause for a photo at the San Francisco Food Bank

Habitat for Humanity in Harrisburg, PA gets a hand from GHD

Habitat for humanity
GHD volunteers in front of a new Habitat for Humanity home in Harrisburg, PA

A team of GHD Young Professionals from the Harrisburg, PA office have participated in a Habitat for Humanity project in the Greater Harrisburg area. Habitat for Humanity is an international not-for-profit organization that aims to eliminate poverty and homelessness by building adequate and basic housing for people in need. Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has built, repaired and renovated homes in nearly 100 countries, with a new house being completed every 15 minutes.

GHD people spent a day recently landscaping and cleaning one of three new Habitat for Humanity homes in Harrisburg. GHD has a long standing relationship for Habitat for Humanity, having participated in similar projects across the US as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

4th Annual Coastal and Watershed Clean-up

For the fourth consecutive year GHD has participated in the annual coastal and watershed clean up event. In partnership with the California Coastal Commission and the Sacramento Area Creeks Council our staff from Portland to San Diego pooled their efforts to improve the health of our local waterways and coastline. By removing trash and debris GHD people have contributed to the health of all coastal and waterway ecosystems.

Annual coastal watershed clean upGHD’s beach clean-up team in Eureka

GHD team from San Francisco in action at San Pablo Creek
GHD team from San Francisco in action at San Pablo Creek

Young Professionals coordinate canned food drive and Super Supper Structure competition

Young professionals food drive Coast Redwood constructed out of canned food donated by GHD’s Eureka, CA office

During the Holiday season GHD Young Professionals organized a US-wide canned food drive to support local food banks. The canned food drive was dubbed the Super Supper Structures Challenge and every participating office built creative structures with canned food they collected for donation. . In total, GHD offices collected and donated more than 3300 cans throughout the US during the holiday season.

Prizes were awarded to the Eureka, CA office for its amazing Coast Redwood structure, to the Phoenix, AZ office for its location-appropriate Cactus structure, and to the Charlotte, NC office for collecting a whopping 83 cans per staff member! Honorable mentions were given to a number of other offices, including Harrisburg, PA, Raleigh, NC, Middletown, CT, Santa Rosa, CA, and Cazenovia, NY.

GHD operates in diverse and complex communities across the world. As we grow, our responsibility expands. We define sustainability as improving human well-being without compromising the local or global environment. This means integrating social, economic and environmental issues into core business to achieve responsible operations.


Sustainable operations

GHD LEED gurus present insights on certification process

Gretchen BeVard and Peter Lindabury, of our Syracuse, NY office, recently presented at the annual ESF Environmental School of Forestry Green Building Conference in Syracuse. Their presentation focused on LEED certification and the detailed process and individual credits associated with building design and construction.

After completing the LEED certification review process more than 30 times, Peter and Gretchen exhibit significant experience regarding the review process and criteria. Their presentation explained what the LEED certification process entails, including a credit by credit breakdown explaining what the concept of the credit is, what the submittal requirements are and what to include for extra documentation.

Recycle at Work Business Program award goes to pragmatic Portland office

GHD's Portland office won Washington County's 2011 Recycle at Work Business Program award for buying 100% recycled office products and furniture, equipment with EnergyStar ratings, recycling all allowable content, using motion sensor lighting throughout the office, adopting sustainable printing practices, and using reusable kitchen dishware, silverware and water bottles.

GHD Sustainable Seminar Series

GHD is bringing industry and academic leaders together to discuss environmental issues at the GHD Sustainable Seminar Series held in New York and Connecticut. The most recent forum focused on the long-term management and monitoring of green infrastructure practices. By hosting and facilitating these seminars GHD is providing a forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration around sustainability.

Electric car delivers benefits

GHD put sustainability into practice when it recently purchased a Nissan Leaf electric car for use as a fleet vehicle in Eureka, CA. The purchase was made as part of the North Coast Plug-In Electric Vehicle Project. According to David Carter, Project Engineer, "The purchase fit with our sustainability policy and the car seemed like a good fit for local errands and business travel." The car is available to all GHD people and is used on a daily basis. It is parked in a garage and plugged in at the end of each day for recharging. GHD Administrative Assistant, Lynn Casillas, uses the car quite often. "The Leaf is a good fleet vehicle," she says, "because it doesn't use gas and doesn’t have the associated pollution."

Read more about GHD's journey into electric transport.

We're committed to excellence and take great pride in the performance of our projects and people. Together with our clients and partners, we celebrate our success and value the recognition of our achievements.


  • Arizona Department of Transportation Facilities
    2013 Award of Merit for outstanding safety record, Arizona Water Association
  • Don Ferlow
    2013 Top Award for Environmental Preservation, Cazenovia Preservation Foundation
  • Borough of Huntingdon Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvements Project
    American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania Diamond Honor
  • Beth Ann Smith
    Engineer of the Year, New York State Society of Professional Engineers (Broome County Area Chapter)
  • Business of the Year finalist, CenterState CEO (Corporation for Economic Opportunity)
    Syracuse, New York


  • Malheur National Wildlife Refuge - Fish Screening and passage Projects
    Engineering Excellence Honor Award, American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon
  • Otisco Lake Water Treatment Plant Improvements
    Platinum Award, Water Resources Category, American Council of Engineering Companies
  • Portland State University Campus Infrastructure for Steam and Chilled Water Utilities
    Grand Award, Building/Technology Systems, American Council of Engineering Companies
  • Water Transmission Covered Storage Program - Marcy 3MG Water Storage Facility
    Environmental Project of the Year, American Public Works Association NY Central Branch
  • Larry Brown
    2012 Educational Outreach Award, Central Pennsylvania Engineers Week Council
  • City of Santa Rosa Utilities Field Office
    • Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project of the Year State Award (region 9), American Society of Civil Engineers
    • Green Award, Top Project Award, North Bay Business Journal


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